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Billy Goat AE1300H (Honda) Hydro Self-Propelled Aerator 30 inch 390cc

Billy Goat AE1300H (Honda) Hydro Self-Propelled Aerator 30 inch 390cc

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Brand:Billy Goat
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Features for the Billy Goat AE1300H - Aerator

The One-and-Done Aerator - Eliminates double aerating by performing patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass!

This Billy Goat AE1300H 30 inch Self-Propelled Aerator is built for adjustability and maximum soil compaction relief. This Aerator allows you to choose your Aeration Density for specific soil needs to create 2-10X more holes than other aerators on the market and eliminate double passes for optimal efficiency. Take on uneven properties with hills up to 20° using the self-propelled finger-tip controlled variable speed that also includes a reverse and 15 inch tires for maximum stability. Billy Goat’s new Flextech arms offers unmatched soil punctures while driving the tines into any type of soil up to 2X that of standard aerator drums. And, finally with a Honda 390cc engine you’ll easily cover up to 29,000 sq. ft. an hour.

  • Honda 390cc Engine:Maximum power to cover 29,000 sq. ft. an hour is available with the Honda 390cc engine.
  • Variable Aeration Density:You can choose the density of your hole aeration with the variable aeration density. Create 2-10X more holes than standard aerators to eliminate double passes. Patch & Seed creates 48 holes/sq. ft. (0.5 mph). The high density hole creates 12 holes/sq. ft. (at 2 mph), and the Top Speed aeration creates 8 holes/sq. ft ( 4 mph).
  • 30 inch Aerating Productivity:Cover up to 29,000 sq. ft. /hr with the 30 inch wide aerating width that eliminates the need to double-aerate.
  • In-Ground Steering:In-ground steering provides unmatched maneuverability and ease of turning to reduce operator fatigue for improved production.
  • Self-Propelled Variable Speed:Productivity is increased with the finger-tip controlled Self-Propelled variable speed, allowing you feather into the speeds, ranging from 0-4 mph, for both forward and reverse. This reduces operator fatigue and vibration.
  • Flextech Arms:Billy Goat's flextech arms offer unmatched reliability and action by driving the tine into any soil condition 2X that of standard aerators with drums for excellent reciprocating action. With 8 tines maintenance is easy for less downtime.
  • 15 inch Tires:Take on slopes up to 20° with the self-propelled technology and the 15 inch tires that offer optimal stability and traction.
  • Warranty:Feel reassurance when aerating with a 1 year residential and 1 year commercial warranty.

Technical Specs for the Billy Goat AE1300H - Aerator 

Engine BrandHonda
Power13 HP
Fuel Capacity0.75 gallons

Working Width30 inches

Residential Warranty1 year
Commercial Warranty1 year

Weight (lbs.)242 lbs.

Drive System
Productivity29,000 sq. ft.